In a world of smart phones, AI & GPS, why aren't traffic lights smart?

ThruGreen is Nest™ for traffic lights. We make old lights smart by connecting them to traffic data, reducing wait times at red lights and tons of C02 emissions.

We connect traffic lights with traffic data, enabling cities to:

Reduce Red Light Wait Time

Reduce waiting time at empty intersections to almost zero

Prioritize Government Vehicles

Give automatic priority to first responders and public transit

Re-Time Signals in Real Time

Adjust timing schedules automatically to reduce congestion and delays

Share Data Between Intersections

Share traffic data between intersections, making your grid smarter.

Virtually Upgrade Your Infrastructure

ThruGreen is plug and play. We easily install inside traffic signal cabinets, connecting them with traffic data and other intersections on your grid.

Installs within minutes

Compatible with all major traffic hardware vendors

No need to stop traffic to mount or install external detectors

Time Waiting at Red Lights

Reduce wait times by up to 30%

ThruGreen can reduce wait times at unnecessary red lights by up to 30% or more by:

Sharing data between traffic lights

Adjusting traffic light schedules

Using vehicle location data to request green lights

A Central System for Everyone

We enable every city to have a modern, central system at a fraction of the price of legacy tools.

Monitor live detection data

Adjust signal timing schedules

Track intersection health and alerts

Let Lights Know You're Close

ThruGreen revolutionizes traffic by letting lights know when cars are coming ahead of time using cellphone or vehicle location data.

Sharing Our Way to a Smarter Grid

ThruGreen makes intersections smarter by sharing traffic detection data between connected lights on your grid.

Breathe Easier with Tons Less C02 Emissions

Not only does ThruGreen save time - we can save wasteful C02 emissions each year from every vehicle on our system.

Gas Powered Vehicles

600+ lbs of Emissions Saved

Per Vehicle, Per Year

Diesel Powered Vehicles

2,700+ lbs of Emissions Saved

Per Vehicle, Per Year

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