The Challenge

Everyone can identify with traffic congestion.

More miles are being covered by more vehicles in more densely packed areas.

These vehicles are operated by human drivers who are unpredictable by nature.

And we simply are not able to build enough roads to keep up with growing demand.

Aside from that, the main methods used for traffic management involve traffic signals, road signs, horns, and turn signals – all things that have been around for over 100 years. It’s not that modern technologies aren’t available – they are – it’s that those technologies are currently isolated from one another and underutilized.

So it’s no surprise that congestion keeps getting worse. The estimated societal cost of congestion in the U.S. is about $160B per year. And it’s worth mentioning that there’s an additional $280B per year cost in the U.S. due to vehicle crashes. And of course this problem is global, with worldwide costs perhaps on the order of over a trillion dollars/year. It represents a tremendous challenge and opportunity for us to address.

Our solution is conceptually pretty simple. We have a vision for fundamentally changing how traffic works. Instead of hurrying to try and beat each traffic light, imagine you get in your car, you tell your phone or your car where you’re going, and most if not all of the traffic lights along the way will be green for you. Non-stop driving is our ultimate our vision.